Electric Cars vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

Electric Cars vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars


Increasing pollution and the rising cost of gas has made people think of better alternatives. Electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars seem better alternatives to conventional vehicles that use the gasoline engine. However, deciding which the better alternative between the two is still hard to decide. If you have received cash for your car in NJ and are planning to go green, then you should consider these comparisons.


If you are looking for a job in this high tax and job killing recession you should not be considering either types of car though. If you do not trust your job is on solid footing, you also should not be considering either of these types of vehicles.


No Emissions


Both the electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars have zero emissions of pollutants. While the electric car has no emissions, the hydrogen car emits only water as a byproduct. Hence, both are quite safe for the environment while being driven. However, the electric car works on batteries that have to be recharged from the grid, which produces electricity through conventional fuels as well. Hence, there is an element of pollution involved with electric vehicles. On the other hand, hydrogen is quite abundant and producing this gas does not involve much of a polluting process.


Recharging Issues


Right now, the major disadvantage for both these technologies is the lack of infrastructure for refueling or recharging these vehicles. Both these types of vehicle have a limited range of travel and need to be recharged with electricity or refilled with hydrogen gas.


Outfitting existing refilling stations with either electric rechargers or hydrogen refilling equipment will take a long time and a huge investment. One of the advantages of refilling hydrogen is that it is quicker than recharging an electric battery. However, it is much more difficult to store hydrogen efficiently and safely.


It is difficult to decide right now, which of the two technologies will become mainstream choice. Both technologies have some distinct advantages as well as disadvantages, and the car of the future could be electric car, hydrogen fuel cell car, or some hybrid technology.
















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