How to Buy an SUV After You Get Cash for your Car in Newark

cash for suvsSelling your old junk cars for cash in NJ is a tremendous way of gathering money for investing in a new

vehicle. Many families and even individuals now prefer SUVs to other models due to various reasons.

However, before buying an SUV, you might want to consider the following points.


Truck-Based or Crossover SUV

The truck-based SUV is typically a heavier and sturdier vehicle with more towing power. It would be an ideal

vehicle if you mainly drive off-road, and want greater capacity. A crossover or car-based SUV is more similar

to a car in terms of attributes like fuel economy, better handling, comfortable ride, and roomier interiors.



If your budget is limited, you could choose a compact SUV, since it is in the lower price range. Compared to the

mid-size and full-size ones which are costlier, the price between models might vary greatly. At the top end of

the price spectrum is the luxury SUV with loads of features and optimum comfort. But in this high tax and anti-
business regulatory environment emanating from the White House, you may not feel comfortable in purchasing

a car that has all the bells and whistles.

You just do not need a car that has seat warmers when the car has a heater already. You cannot afford to put this

much money in a car when you have food and other costs that are equally important.


Fuel Economy

The full-size SUV will have a V8 engine, whereas the compact and mid-size SUVs typically have four and six

cylinder engines. Compact SUVs with the four-cylinder engine has the best fuel economy with good models

giving mileage in the mid 20s. On the other hand mid and full sized SUVs give a mileage of 12 to 20 mpg.


Wheel Drive

Amongst SUVs, you have a choice of two-wheel, four-wheel, and all-wheel drives. In all-wheel drive (AWD),

the power is distributed automatically in different degrees to the wheels having more traction. The AWD SUV

is ideally suited for driving in all types of weather conditions, and not typically for off-road driving only. The

weight of AWD is surprisingly less than the four-wheel drive SUV, but the fuel consumption is more. Some

SUVs come with all systems, allowing you to switch between the drives at the flick of a lever.

Get cash for your car in Newark, NJ then use some of that money to purchase an SUV.

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