How to Negotiate the Price of Used Car Using Kelley Blue Book and Other Resources

How to Negotiate the Price of Used Car Using Kelley Blue Book and Other Resources


Selling junk cars in NJ is an easy process, but negotiating a lower price while purchasing a used car can be challenging. However, the bargaining process can become much easier once you know how to use the Kelley Blue book and other resources to find the value of a used car. Armed with this information, you can effectively knock down the price quoted by the used car dealer largely.

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However, Kelley Blue Book should not be your only source of finding the value of a used car you are interested in, as that will put you at a disadvantage. The Blue Book is a poignant starting point, but you need to do much more research, to obtain the best deal for the car. Accurately determining the value of used cars can be complicated but the Kelley Blue Book will provide a starting point. Note down the price as per the Blue Book and then go to websites such as Edmunds or Auto Traders that provide the valuation of cars.


If someone has put in roll bars, a push bumper, a nicer sound system, newer rims, a superior engine, and so on, Kelley Blue Book does not take this into account. So if the seller is asking for a little more money, perhaps there is a reason for that.


Different Values


Note down the prices you come up with from at least three websites. Do not be concerned if each of these websites provides you with different values for the same car. You can calculate the average of the different values to get a single figure. Suppose you have gone to three websites and got three values, add these values, and divide the sum by three.


An Accurate Valuation


Armed with the average price and the value derived through Kelly Blue Book, you are now ready to face the used car dealer. You now have a certain figure in mind, which you feel is a reasonably accurate valuation of the car. However, while bargaining with the salesperson, do not reveal your sources, since the salesperson will simply dismiss them to be inaccurate.



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