Low temperatures in the winter months will not only make driving difficult and dangerous

Tips for Winterizing Your Car

Low temperatures in the winter months will not only make driving difficult and dangerous, but it will also damage your vehicle. If you have not cared for your vehicle and it has become old, it would be best to sell your junk car in NJ and make some money. However, if you like maintaining your vehicle, here are some tips for preparing your car for the winter months to keep it running in optimum condition, avoiding accidents, and keeping you safe.

Contingency Planning

The first thing you need to do is prepare a kit for winter and store it in your vehicle, in case you are stranded outside in the cold. This kit should include a warm blanket, pair of gloves, snow boots, tinned food, flares, a powerful torch, and a first aid kit. You should also include spare set of batteries, jumper cables, set of tools to change tires, and a shovel.

You may have seen Bear Grylls on Discovery Channel and if you not then you should. You do not want to have to eat slugs to survive if you become stranded somewhere.

When you are driving in snowy or icy conditions, you need to make sure your tires are in fine condition. It is preferable to change to special snow tires if you are going to ride extensively in the snow. However, if you not planning to change, at least make sure the tread of you tire is still deep. You might also need to reduce the pressure in your tires a little to get a better grip on the road surface.

Smart Driving

If you cannot afford to do any of this, just drive slower in the winter, perhaps try not to drive at night, and only drive if you have too.

Cold months can put extra strain on your car battery, and hence you need to make sure your battery is in optimum condition before the winter sets in. Change your engine oil to one that has lesser viscosity. Always top your gas tank to keep it near the full level, since that will reduce the risk of condensation and the fuel freezing. Make sure you are using fuel with the necessary anti-freeze mixture in extremely low temperatures.

If you cannot afford to keep your fuel tank full then you can always make sure you park in your or a garage.

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