Powerful Negotiating Tactics for Purchasing Second Hand Car

Powerful Negotiating Tactics for Purchasing Second Hand Car


The dealer or seller will always use enticing language to make you buy their vehicle, and you have to be careful not to fall for such tactics and pay more. Selling your junk car in New Jersey would have been a relatively easy process, since the removal company would have offered you a fair price for your vehicle, but purchasing a second hand vehicle is entirely another ball game. Here are some tactics that will come in handy while handling negotiations with the buyer.


Determine Your Budget


The first thing you should do is determine the price you are willing to pay for the model and make of the car you have in mind. You might need to do some online research to get some idea of the prevailing prices in the second hand market for that particular model. Once you have a budget figure in mind, you are certain about the maximum price you are willing to pay for the model.


Show Minimum Interest


Even if you like the car very much, make the seller feel, you are not desperate to close the deal. Unless you hear the best offer, you should be ready to walk away. Give the seller the impression you are going to refuse and find a better deal or perhaps already have in another part of the city, down the street, or your friend is selling a car you are interested in, unless there is a reduction in the price. Use words or phrases such as “Thanks anyway”, or “I think I will check out another deal”. There is fierce competition in the second hand market, and the seller will most likely come down in price if he or she has quoted something quite high.


Ask for what is Not on Offer


This is a clever negotiating tactic where you pretend to look for what is not available in the car. Even though you do not require the particular feature, you purposely ask for it, knowing it is not available. Then you say that you are willing to compromise if the price was knocked down.

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