Should you donate or sell junk cars in NJ?

Should you donate or sell junk cars in NJ?


Having a junk car in NJ is not quite common but it is certainly not unheard of. Driving your car through salty slush in the winter time takes its toll.


This Option as Well


In many homes, you will find a junk heap occupying space in the backyard or the garage, and most people do not know what to do with such vehicles. If fixing the vehicle is out of the question, then you have the options of either donating the vehicle or selling the junk car. However, donating a car may not be the best option particularly when it is junk and nonoperational, since you usually donate something that can be used. You can of course sell junk car in NJ and donate whatever money you earn from the transaction.


Making this Legal


If you are donating your junk car, for obtaining a tax reduction, then you might not save enough money on taxes compared to the amount you would get by selling the junk car in NJ. Secondly, the charity to which you are donating must be a qualified organization; otherwise, you cannot claim any tax deductions. Finally, you need to know the laws about transfer of automobile titles, since they vary between states. Hence, overall, donating a junk car in NJ can be quite a hassle, and it might be easier to obtain cash for junk car in NJ and giving the money to charity.


This would be accomplishing two things at once. You would be giving the money to someone who cannot provide on their own and you would be creating more space on your property for another car or perhaps one you bought before.


Their Service


Selling junk cars in New Jersey has become very easy. Whether you have a valid title or not for your junk car, simply call the removal company, and they will come to your premises, review your vehicle and make an offer. Or quote you over the phone. The worth of your vehicle is calculated by the company based on the make and model of your vehicle, year of manufacture, and the present state of the car. If you accept their proposal, you are paid immediate cash for junk car in NJ, and the company will even tow your no longer needed car for free if the car in nonoperational.




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