The wear on your tires can be seen by the deterioration of the material and the loss of tread.

How to Maintain Car Tires


The tires of your car experience the most wear and tear when you drive. The condition of your car tire is influenced by many factors, including type of roads, driving conditions, dynamics of your car, duration of usage, and tire maintenance. The wear on your tires can be seen by the deterioration of the material and the loss of tread.


Once your tires have become bald or the material has deteriorated considerably, you need to replace them. However, replacing old tires makes sense only when all other aspects of your car are functioning normally. If your car has become very old and there are frequent repairs, then it would be better to get rid of your junk car in NJ and get a new one. If your car is fine then here are some tips that will help you prolong the life of your tires.


Maintaining Correct Tire Pressure


Always try to maintain the pressure in your tires at the recommended levels. Over or under inflating your tires can increase wear, reduce fuel economy, and compromise handling as well. Hence, check your tire pressure regularly, especially before going on a long drive.


You do not want to lose money on something so simple. You do not have to be a car expert to pay attention to your tire pressure. This is something you should want to do. You should want to save money and help your car out simultaneously.


Check Wheel Alignment


When your wheels are properly aligned the weight of your car is distributed evenly on all four wheels, and all wheels are at the correct angle with the road. This will ensure tires wear evenly, and there is no drag while driving.


Check Wear on Your Tires


You need to monitor the condition of your tires regularly. This will help you keep a check on the wearing process, and you will know when it is time to replace them. You need to check the tread depth to ensure proper traction while driving. Many tires now come with “wear bars”, which are marks between the treads around the circumference. It the tread depth has come to these bars then it is definitely time to replace your tires.


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