How to Acquire the Most Money for Junk Cars in NJ

In order to obtain top dollar for junk cars NJ, you can depend on Green Cars Now. You can generate a decent amount of money from junk vehicles that have been simply sitting in your garage or driveway. These cars are of no use to you, but they still have value, even if their book value is zero.

The Right Choice

The junk trade is booming, since many people are turning to used items, and it is no different for old vehicles. Many people are not only looking to buy used cars, but they also do not mind installing used parts to bring down their car maintenance costs. This has given a fantastic boost to the junk trade and competition amongst junk dealers. At Green Cars Now, we believe in providing excellent service to our customers, and we beat the competition by paying top dollar for junk cars NJ.

Looks do not Matter

Many things are considered while determining the rate of a junk car, such as the make, model, and condition of the vehicle. Sometimes there will be more demand for a particular model in the second hand market, which will shoot the price up for that particular car. The condition of your vehicle will also play a major role in determining the rate, but Green Cars Now promises to buy a car in any condition, even if it is totaled or has been damaged by a flood.

Flood or no flood, steel is still steel and your car still has valued running through it and comprised of it. Why allow a car that cannot operate to sit on your property devaluing it when you can have some spending cash in your pocket?

A Smooth Transaction

If you want top dollar for junk cars NJ, simply place a call and our expert team will pay you a visit. Our team will estimate the value of your junk vehicle, based on prevailing market conditions and offer you the best rate possible. You do not have to worry about the paper work, since Green Cars Now will make sure the transaction takes place without any hassles to you.

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