Why We Buy Junk Cars in NJ

We buy junk cars NJ at Green Cars Now, and you should know why we do that. Most people use cars for a certain period and then stop using them when these vehicles start giving problems repeatedly. When repair and maintenance costs start going up and the fuel efficiency start going down, it is prudent to stop using the vehicle. People tend to follow this advice, but most people tend to forget about their junk car NJ and it ends up in their garage or driveway, occupying precious space.

Looks do not Matter

This is where Green Cars Now appears, as you can sell such cars to us and get immediate cash. When we say we buy junk cars in New Jersey, we literally mean junk, and it does not matter to us in what pathetic condition your car is, or how smashed up it is. We are even prepared to buy cars that are totaled in accidents, or damaged in natural calamities. This is because are interested in looks but the actual matter your car is comprised of. Those materials and the actual matter can be reused. Even if you car has suffered the worst floods, and has turned into a piece of rusting junk, we are here to give you a reasonable price for it, and take it off your hands.

The Fabulous End Game

Therefore, you will be wondering what Green Cars Now does with the cars they buy. Well, firstly, we see if the car is repairable and can be put back into working order. If our team of experts feels it is feasible, we repair the car and sell it at a very low rate to people who want used cars. If the car is beyond repairs, then we salvage usable parts and the metal. We in fact, help in clearing up the mess in your backyard and keep your junk heap from ending up in a landfill. Almost everything is salvaged to keep the environment clean and green.

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